Aktive Jugend

(Young People Taking Action)


About Us

We are convinced that it is possible to mitigate the suffering of others around the globe if all of us who are in a position to do so make contributions. 

Based on this compassionate belief, we provide developmental support, youth advocacy and education.


Our Story 

Aktive Jugend e.V. has its roots in a group of friends who met regularly for many years to discuss current events, embark on explorative journeys and excursions.  

Among the topics we investigated in depth were developmental support and youth advocacy. We explored and questioned the existing concepts. Driven by the Confucius quote “It’s better to one small candle of gratitude than to curse the darkness,” we developed our own concept aiming at our active involvement in shaping our distant and near-by environs. In 2006, we took our concept to the public. 


The objective is to guide adolescents onto the path of responsible community living. The focus is on the provision of education paired with the promotion of tolerance and compassion. We work to not only realize these goals in our own country, but in particular also through developmental support that we provide abroad. From our perspective, the main goal of developmental aid is to provide the kind of support that helps others help themselves. It is not our aim to help in specific and temporary situations, but to develop a sustainable system that activates societies.  

  • Developmental support for select projects 

  • Emergency rescue and aid  

  • Benefit events 

  • Information booths 

  • Exploration travel 

  • Tutoring   

1,805 million men, women and children go to bed hungry every day because of food shortages

1. Education

Education is a human right. Consequently, by building educational institutions, Aktive Jugend e.V. makes contributions to programs that make this right available to poor people all over the world.

In many developing countries, millions of children are unable to attend school because of the level of poverty, which also results in the lack of pertinent infrastructures. As a result, Aktive Jugend e.V. builds educational facilities in select project countries. The association also supplies writing materials and books to these institutions and their students. Besides traditional classes, the curriculum also comprises health information programs.


2. Nutrition, Health

Nutrition and health are two topics that go hand in hand – especially in Africa. According to UNICEF statistics dating back to 2014, 6.3 million children around the world die before they reach the age of five.  Aktive Jugend e.V. supports local medical infrastructure projects in select countries by donating devices as well as medications and by distributing food packages.



Many people around the globe cannot take access to clean water for granted.  Especially in the rural regions of Africa and Asia, hundreds of millions of people are compelled to obtain their drinking water from rivers, lakes or polluted water sources.  According to the CARITAS International organization, 10,000 men, women and children die daily from diseases caused by contaminated water.  Through its water supply projects, Aktive Jugend e.V.  takes preventative action. The construction of fountains and collection pools to store rainwater brings clean water into the immediate vicinity of villages.



“Being good and leading a good life means to give others more than you take from them.”

(Leo Nikolajewitsch Count Tolstoy)

More than 50 % of the global population lives on less than USD 2.00 per day (2005 Annual Report of the 2005 des Population Reference Bureau

(PRB), Washington D.C.

Be A Part of It

“Aktive Jugend e.V.“ means being and staying actively involved in advocacy work! Anyone who wants to participate in the work of the association will be welcomed with open arms. After all, we would not be able to do our work without the assistance of our volunteers. Hence, if you are passionately interesting in joining us in our efforts to improve the living conditions in the developing world and youth advocacy here and abroad, we encourage you to get in touch with us. No matter where you are, you will be able to make contributions by writing copy, perfecting our layout and our online presence. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Sponsoring Membership

As a sponsoring member, you have the opportunity to support us financially at regular intervals, which guarantees that we can implement our projects. Donations and the earnings we generate at benefit bazaars as well as our annual Spaju Festival are our sole sources of income. We will be pleased to receive any financial assistance you provide!


As a business, you have the opportunity to engage in social advocacy by providing various means of support. For instance, there is an option that allows one of your own corporate segments to become an active part of our focal topics. You will have the opportunity to integrate your creativity and project ideas into our work. If you manage a pharmacy or pharmaceutical company, donations of medications would be a great way to support our work. Technical enterprises may want to provide equipment for the construction of wells an. If you are interested in supporting  “Aktive Jugend e.V.“ with donations of supplies or funding, please contact us!

Helping Through Shopping

Become an active supporter of what we do by purchasing products from our wide range of items sold under the Aktive Jugend e.V. logo. All of the available products are posted on our website.  Use these products at events, benefits or for your own needs.


In our increasingly globalized world, WAKIF has established itself as a project that is there for the orphans around the globe. Aktive Jugend e.V. joins the organization’s efforts and asks all of you to not leave orphans in the lurch. 

We have been providing support to orphans in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Syria, Eastern Turkestan, Kirgizia and Bangladesh  through a variety of projects for many years. 

The new WAKIF projects supports homes for orphans as well as families caring for orphans. Moreover, the project provides funding for the education of orphans. 


FOR JUST A SINGLE EURO PER DAY OR 30€ a month you can make sure that a child in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia or Bangladesh attends school and receives 3 meals a day.

“The world would be a miserable place if you would not help those living in misery.”

(Torquato Accetto 1590/98-1640)


By providing educational funding as well as assistance with healthcare and the water supply in Somalia, Aktive Jugend e.V. launched its developmental aid projects abroad back in 2006. From there, the works has been expanded to Kenya, Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

This brochure will provide you with an overview of the Aktive Jugend e.V.’s work around the globe. For your convenience, it has been broken down by subject matter.
If you would like to find out more about our organization, please visit our website  www.aktivejugend.de. Of course you also have the option to contact us directly at your convenience:




Young People Taking Action

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